member internship experience

STRENGTHEN YOUR BRAND with first hand knowledge


During the summer of 2017, a group of Capstone AdFed members had the opportunity to work alongside several of the amazing people at the communications firm O2ideas in Birmingham, Alabama. Over the course of the summer, the AdTerns worked on re-branding the Mattie C. Stewart Foundation, O2idea's in-house nonprofit aimed at reducing high school dropout rates. With guidance from the O2ideas team, our members worked on the new logo and branding guide, a new website, the corporate donor pitch, and presentation, print handout materials, social media content, and brand communications strategies. Through this experience, several members were able to get their foot in the door for their first agency internship and all built valuable relationships with peers and leaders in the industry.

Feel free to scroll through some of the members work below.

Meet the O2ideas interns


From left to right: Sam Hughes, Emily Mosley, Emma Gresham, below: Briana Hatten